Best Portable Massage Table in 2024 Reviews

A massage session at the end of a tiring day makes you feel like you are in heaven. It is also scientific as it releases the stress out of the muscles and the entire body and regulates blood circulation. For proper massage experience, you need a dedicated massage table. There are portable and foldable that you can use for massage session when you hire the service of a massage therapist. Similarly, it is a must for massage therapists as well as spas. Check out the top 5 best portable massage tables are that extremely comfortable.

5 Best Portable Massage Tables

1. Massage Table Portable by BestMassage

This massage table comes along with a 2-inch thick sponge to provide you with a soft and comfortable massaging experience. The unit also has the sturdy construction of beech hardwood frame and corner blocks to offer excellent strength and durability. This bed spa comes with the maximum weight bearing capacity up to 450-lbs.

The easily foldaway design of this table also allows stress-free installation every time. Furthermore, the height adjustable spa bed comes with the height range starting from 24 to 33-inch. The durable and soft to touch PU leather covering of this unit offers easy cleaning and leaves no stinky smell.

What we liked:

  • Extremely comfortable with thick sponge.
  • Superior strength and easy to set up.
  • Height adjustable and light in weight.

2. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

With the maximum weight bearing capacity of 500-lbs, this massage table comes with the robust hardwood frame construction. This unit also consists of a sturdy and adjustable face-cradle. Moreover, the water-resistant and oil-resistant leather pad covering of this spa table stands for durability. To offer top-class comfort and softness, this unit comes with soft and high-density foam filling.

With the width of 23.6-inch, this table is also suitable for the majority of people. Furthermore, this table comes with a height adjustable range starting from 22.8 to 33.5-inch. This easily foldable unit has a detachable headrest, arm sling, and armrests. This massage bed comes in a convenient carry case for stress-free transportability.

What we liked:

  • Oil-resistant leather cover with face cradle.
  • Highly comfortable with thick foam.
  • Detachable armrest, arm sling, and headrest.

3. MaxKare Portable Massage Table

This folding massage table/bed has the reinforced hardwood frame construction with heavy-duty steel support. This unit also maintains perfect stability with its sturdy construction. Moreover, the maximum weight bearing capacity of this table is 496-lbs and suitable for the majority of people. The foldaway design of this table with a carry case allows easy transportability.

The waterproof and oil-resistant leather covering of this unit also makes it extremely durable. Furthermore, the high-density foam filling of this spa bed is responsible for top-grade comfort and coziness. The three-fold design makes it convenient to carry. The adjustable backrest, armrest, arm-sling, and detachable headrest stand for the ultimate comfort.

What we liked:

  • Foldable yet stable and sturdy.
  • Waterproof and oil-proof leather cover.
  • High-density foam for comfort.
  • Adjustable armrest, headrest, and backrest.

4. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

This multi-purpose massage table comes along with an adjustable face-cradle cushion with the filling of the soft poly-gel blend. This foldable table also comes in a convenient nylon carry case for easy portability. Moreover, this height-adjustable bed comes with the height range starting from 23 to 33-inch. With the help of dual density cushioning, this table offers excellent soft and comfortable massaging experience.

This table also consists of an adjustable headrest with a poly-gel blend to provide the finest comfort to your client. Furthermore, the anti-skid feet of this unit keeps it in place. The full-length piano hinge offers extreme strength and durability.

What we liked:

  • Lifetime warranty with CE mark.
  • Adjustable headrest with face cradle.
  • Easily transportable in the carrying case.

5. Massage Table Portable by BestMassage

The high-density sponge of this massage table provides you with a soft and comfortable massaging session. The reinforced beech frame of this spa table also comes with support cables and heavy-duty hardwood corner blocks to offer more strength and durability. Moreover, this tool comes with the load bearing capacity up to 450-lbs.

This table is not only easy to assemble but also highly portable. Furthermore, this table is height adjustable from 24 to 34-inch. This table comes in a carry case with which you can easily carry this lightweight table around almost everywhere. The carrying case has an adjustable shoulder strap and side pockets for holding supplies and oil.

What we liked:

  • Strong material construction yet comfortable.
  • Height adjustable with secure lock system.
  • Easy to install and portable with carrying case.


A portable massage table is not just portable from one room to the other, it is mostly foldable, and you can carry it from one place to another easily. A quality massage table will have all the convenient accessories and arrangements starting from headrest to armrest. Some are height adjustable for the massage therapist to give the perfect massing experience without any discomfort. Buy one of them and appoint a therapist and your lifestyle will change for better.

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