Best Door Lever 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

There are various types of door handles available in the market, and the door levers are extremely popular.

The reason for the popularity is the convenience as they will auto lock, and people with hands full or dirty hands can go through with just downward pressure. They also look classier than doorknobs, and other door handles. The grip is easier to grab, and it is particularly useful for elderly people as well as physically challenged persons. The following list contains the top 5 best door levers below.

5 Best Door Levers Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. Schlage Accent Levers

Schlage Accent Levers
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This door lever comes with two user codes and arrives ready to use. This is perfect for hardware, door, and window hardware frills and has multiple applications. Moreover, it is easy to use, and it does not require any programming. This also includes a keyless entry that provides you with enhanced security.

Furthermore, this lever is ideal with doors that are either left hand open or right-hand open. The lever has a low battery indicator and back-lit keypad that makes it very suitable to use. It has a full metal housing and is extremely durable.

What we liked:

  • Two user codes setting possible.
  • Keyless entry with reversible lever.
  • Suitable for different door thicknesses.

2. Kwikset Slim Square Bed/Bath Lever

Kwikset Slim Square Bed/Bath Lever
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This lever secures privacy by using it on interior doors like bathrooms or bedrooms. It has a latch that is adjustable and easily fits the different size of the door. The units of this lever include different types of zinc and brass materials. Moreover, it comes in an attractive style and has excellent security of Kwikset signature series.

Furthermore, it ensures ease of use for persons with various types of disabilities and is suitable for all types of modern houses. It is light in weight and gives a completely contemporary feel. It has a turn button inside it that locks or unlocks the door.

What we liked:

  • Superior security with stylish design.
  • Reversible level with adjustable latch.
  • Featured under Amazon’s Choice.

3. Schlage Auto-Lock and Elan Levers

Schlage Auto-Lock and Elan Levers
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In this lever, you will find an auto-lock system that automatically re-locks after 5 seconds. It has a user-friendly keypad that lightens making it suitable to use during darkness. This has a 9-volt battery and has 6 digit programming codes. Moreover, you can easily add or remove it on a keyboard.

Furthermore, it will complement the look of your home and keeps it safe. This is of multipurpose use and is very useful for back entries and garages. This is silicon coated and is modern in style. It can be used in offices also or any areas that require access controls.

What we liked:

  • Keyless entry with auto-lock feature.
  • Suitable for different door thicknesses.
  • Unique 6-digit code security.

4. Trilogy By Alarm Lock

Trilogy By Alarm Lock
Buy now from Amazon This is a digital lever and easily programmable with the use of a keyboard. It has a cylindrical lock system and includes a 6-pin key cylinder. This is very suitable for interior doors and is easy to install. It has a body that is composed of stainless steel that prevents it from rusting.

Moreover, it has an alarm clock and includes LED indicators that make it much more convenient for the users. Furthermore, it is for both for the right hand and left-hand operations and runs with 5AA batteries. This allows entries to only official people that make it completely sound and secure.

What we liked:

  • Programmable keypad with 100 codes.
  • Cylindrical lock mechanism for more security.
  • Resistant to corrosion and rusting.

5. Schlage Latitude Interior Lever

Schlage Latitude Interior Lever
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In this lever, there is latitude interior with century trim. It has a touch screen deadbolt on front and exterior doors. This has a metal body that makes it secure, strong and durable. Moreover, it has an exterior lower grip and interior lock door that makes it comfortable and easy for the user. It is in an innovative design and is suitable for homes and offices.

Furthermore, it meets all the needs of the industry and gives peace of mind to the users. It is one of the most preferred residential door levers and is very reliable. This provides worthy security and is simple to use.
What we liked:

  • Strong metal construction for strength.
  • Adjustable for perfect fitting.
  • Easy to install and reasonable price.


    We have listed the various types of door lever handles starting from the traditional keyed ones to keyless ones. All of them are extremely strong and resistant to corrosion and rusting. Besides, they are easy to install, and you can clean them easily with a wet cloth to prevent staining and discoloring. There are keypad-based door levers available, and you can have different key codes for different family members, and they are suitable for different door thicknesses.

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