Best Washer Dryer 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you do not have the time and the energy to wash your clothing items regularly or even occasionally, a washing machine is what you need.

However, a washing machine along may not be suitable as you have to dry the wet clothes after washing for which you may not have enough space. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to buy a washer dryer where the washing and drying can be done simultaneously. The following is the list of the top 5 best washer dryers available for small homes, apartments, dorms, condos, and RVs.

5 Best Washer Dryers Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. Giantex Portable Washing Machine

If you are looking for a compact washer dryer from a popular brand, this is the best one for you. It comes with twin tub washing due to which the washing and drying can be more effective. Moreover, you can do washing and drying simultaneously. Even though it is compact, it has a large capacity, and you can run the washing and rinse process as per your requirement and clothing item.

The washing power is 300W while the spinner is 110W and it is easily movable due to its lightweight and convenient design. It can fit in a small space easily and therefore, its storage is highly convenient. Not just that, it comes with a filter net to catch the dirt and debris and prevent blockage.
What we liked:

  • Large capacity with twin tub design.
  • Space saving construction and easy assembling.
  • Simultaneously operation of washing and drying.

2. Panda Compact Laundry Dryer

This is a front-loading dryer, and it is very suitable to fit in limited space comfortably. Therefore, it is perfect for dorms, apartments, and condos. It is a dedicated dryer that you can use after washing your clothes in a machine or manually. It is the strongest construction with stainless steel drum.

Additionally, there is a transparent lid to monitor the drying process and stop it wherever required. Since it gives out warm air, it can act as a room heater in the winter if you leave the lid open. Moreover, it is more suitable as a wall mount laundry dryer, and the wall mounting kit is available in the package.
What we liked:

  • Dedicated dryer with front-side opening.
  • Large capacity with faster drying.
  • Heavy-duty construction but lightweight.

3. Portable Washing Machine By Think Gizmos

This is quite a sturdy washing machine that comes with a spin dryer. There are two separate tubes available each for washing and drying. It is quite compact as well as lightweight and therefore, it is suitable for camping and in caravan and dorms.

The operation is also very simple where you have to add clothes, water, and detergent and set the timer. The timer can be 15 minutes while the spin cycle should be 5 minutes for drying. Besides, the design is quite eye-catching, and the controls are also easy to use.
What we liked:

  • Highly portable construction.
  • Twin Tub design for simultaneous working.
  • Elegant and space saving design.

4. SUPER DEAL Portable Washing Machine

This portable washing machine comes with a twin tub design due to which it is easy to wash in one tub and dry in another. Therefore, you can do washing and spin drying at the same time with efficiency. Besides, it comes with a powerful motor, and it is also water efficient. There is also a translucent tub window available to monitor the washing.

You can set 15 minutes timer for washing and 5 minutes for drying. The design is compact and lightweight which eases transportability. It can fit in your bathroom, and the plastic body will not rust. Apart from water efficiency, it is also power efficient. The weight distribution is perfect for stability.
What we liked:

  • Powerful motor performance.
  • Water-efficient and energy-saving design.
  • Twin tub design and light in weight for portability.

5. DELLA Compact Washing Machine

This is one of the best portable washing machines that come with easy and effortless operation. Along with washing, there is a spin basket to shake off the water droplets from the clothes. You can set the timer for spin washing and spin drying at the same time. It is a versatile washing machine that is suitable for all the different types of garments starting from regular clothes and printed dresses to towels, socks, and likewise.

Even though it is compact, it is large enough for apartments, dorms, condos and likewise. On top of that, it is the latest model of 2020 with great design and modern features. There are two different colors available to choose from.
What we liked:

  • Latest model with modern features.
  • Super easy operation and dual functioning.
  • Suitable for delicate clothing as well.


It is more profitable for any consumer to buy a washer dryer combo instead of buying them individually. However, if you already have a washing machine, we have provided a dedicated dryer on the list. Most of the washer dryers come with twin tub construction due to which you can do cleaning and drying simultaneously. Most importantly, the above mentioned top 5 best washer dryers are compact and highly portable for use anywhere you want.

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