The fixed gear bikes are popular among city riders as it is very simple to ride and you can move the bike forward and backward as per your will. It is the first type of bike ever designed and over the time, there are various features added making it compatible with the current generation of bikes. From the name you can understand that they have one single speed setting and the brake has to be applied by feet or body weight. It is perfect for lower body workout and check out the top 5 best fixed gear bikes under $300 below.

5 Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $300 Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike

Here is a fixed gear bike that allows you to remove the rear and front brakes and use it according to your preference. This is easy to use and has alloy wheels with a somersault hub. This will let you have freewheeled or fixed riding and is in different colors and sizes.

Moreover, it is in a lightweight design and has a smooth touch welds. This is a quality product that gives you an easy means of transportation. Furthermore, it has many amazing features and includes stainless steel dropouts, which is easy to replace. It is stylish and comes with riser bars that let you navigate it in different terrains.

What we liked:

  • High-quality aluminum construction.
  • Flip-flop hub for easy riding.
  • Easy to assemble and value for money.

2. Retrospec Single-Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Are you looking for a fixed gear bike that lets you have a comfortable ride? Here is a fixed gear bike that comes in a sleek style and has a hi-tensile frame made of steel that makes it very durable. This is very strong and has a weight limit of up to 200 pounds. Moreover, this comes in different colors and lets you choose from different sizes.

The bike will let you have easy maintenance as it comes with all the tools. Furthermore, this has commuter tires and includes freestyle pedals. You can stop it conveniently with its coaster brakes and can absorb the bumps when in the road.

What we liked:

  • Great quality and stylish frame.
  • Powerful tires for added durability.
  • Lightweight and smooth performance.

3. Golden Cycles Single-Speed Fixed-Gear Bike

If you are looking for a durable yet affordable fixed gear bike, then this is the one for you. The bike is available in a stylish design and lets you choose from many different color combinations. This has a chainring crank and includes an alloy bottom bracket. Moreover, this will provide you with flexibility and also lets you ride on freewheel.

This has a durable steel frame and performs at the highest level. Furthermore, it has a stiff crank and includes a lightweight caliper. With this, you can have affordable transportation and lets you ride comfortably in the urban city.

What we liked:

  • Constructed with great materials.
  • A flip-flop hub for smooth riding.
  • High performance and affordable.

4. Retrospec Fixie Style Single-Speed Bike

Equipped with a hi-tensile steel frame, the fixed gear bike comes with all the tools that let you maintain it with ease. This has efficient performance and lets you choose from different sizes. This is also available in different color combinations and is in a sleek design. Moreover, the bike is very easy to use and absorbs the bums in uneven terrains.

This comes with deep V-rims and includes durable commuter tires. Furthermore, it will let you have a smooth ride and includes a coaster brake for easy stopping. This has freestyle pedals and is in a premium hand built design.

What we liked:

  • Finest quality and hand-built frame.
  • Easy maintenance with included tools.
  • Weighs less and long-lasting.

5. Pure Cycles Urban Coaster Bicycle

Available in three different sizes, this fixed gear bike has an athletic look and comes in different colors. It has custom geometry and comes mostly assembled. In this, you will find swept-back bars, which lets you ride it in a comfortable position. Moreover, this has a coaster brake that lets you stop it without using your hands.

The single speed bike is perfect for recreation ride or quick errands and lets you have easy stopping. Furthermore, it has a lightweight steel frame that helps to reduce the vibrations when on the road. It will also provide you with smooth pedaling with its sealed bottom bracket.

What we liked:

  • Lightweight and powerful frame.
  • Smooth riding and easy to control.
  • Excellent performance and easy to put together.

There are more advantages than disadvantages for a fixed gear bike. It is the purest form of biking and it is quite fun to ride and less expensive than most of the other types of bikes. It is ideal for flat areas and the bike has almost no maintenance. They are light in weight and the efficiency is quite high. On top of that, we have listed the best fixed gear bikes available online for purchase to get you the best value for your money.