10 Best Toasters 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

A toaster is one of the many kitchen appliances found in modern kitchens and it is used for baking, toasting, and reheating bread or any other baked food. Choosing a toaster appears to be a simple task, but there are many considerations that need to be factored in before parting your hard-earned cash. Generally, a good toaster should be quick to heat and toast bread evenly on both sides. It should be deep and sizeable enough to toast taller pieces of bread.

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If you are in the market for these brands, you will be surprised to learn that there are many options based on styles, sizes, colors, designs, etc. to choose from, making it an overwhelming undertaking if it is your first time to look for a toaster. Well, we have reviewed hundreds of these pieces, and based on consumer reports, we have narrowed down to the ten best toasters in 2020 for your consideration, as explained below:

10 Best Toasters 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide.

1. Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster

If you are the lot like starting their mornings with a toasted cream and bagel cheese, then you will definitely need a toaster that can handle more than just the typical sliced sandwich bread, and that device is none other than the Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster. This toaster brings on the retro classic design right into your kitchen and delivers top-notch performances with powerful features such as bagel, reheat, and defrost functions.

With extra wide slots, this appliance allows for a wide variety of items such as sliced bread, bagels, French toast, toaster pastries, frozen pancakes, etc. to be toasted. With a removable crumb tray, cleaning this piece is easy. The stainless steel housed toaster has six custom controls, offering a full range of browning options, thus allowing perfect customization of any piece of toasted bread. It also features a high lift lever so pops up after you are finished toasting, thus lifting out of the unit for easy removal with user’s fingers.


  • Brushed stainless steel casing
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Uses dials, buttons, and lever controls
  • Wattage -900W

2. Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster

If you do not want to sacrifice getting a perfectly browned, baked piece of bagel or bread, then you just need to consider buying this toaster. The two-slice toaster is well-known for its speed, consistency, quality, and ease of use. The easy-to-operate with illuminated buttons allow users to choose between a bagel setting, regular toasting, and defrosting.

The numbered dials allow you to choose the crispy extent you the toast to turn out. For convenience, this appliance is fitted with automatic shutoff and toast boost. The slide-out crumb tray makes cleaning a task of minutes. The chrome exterior and cool-wall sides would not burn your hands if touched accidentally.


  • Red in color
  • Fits thick bagels and slices
  • Installed with toast shade selector
  • Item weight -2.8 pounds

3. AmazonBasics 2-Slice Toaster

Make crispy delicious toast using the AmazonBasics two-slice toaster. Besides being a vital addition to a kitchen counter, this is a sleek, compact unit design to provide reliable results, toasting at most two slices of bread at a time. It features six shade settings to accommodate everybody’s preferences.

With extra-wide slots for thicker slices and bagels, this piece of kitchen appliance is installed with a lift lever for the safe removal of smaller baked food. Thanks to its removal crumb tray, cleaning the toaster is simple and straightforward.


  • Buttons illuminate to show the selected settings
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The cord wrap is located on the back
  • Item weight -2.17 pounds

4. Oster 2-Slice Metallic Grey (TSSTTRJBG1) Toaster

Begin your day with an impeccably crisp slice of toast using one of the best toasters in the market – Oster 2-Slice. Featuring two extra-wide slots, this appliance accommodates easily homemade bread, bagels, and so on. Its dual bread guides adjust automatically to fit different bread thickness, thus ensuring even toasting.

With an intuitive dial and user-friendly control panel, this toaster allows users to adjust to their preferred toast shades or just cancel toasting with a click of a button. For easy toast retrieval, just trigger the high-rise lever. The removable crumb tray makes cleaning of this toaster an easy task. With an anti-jamming mechanism, no time will experience jams when using this device.


  • Extra-wide slots
  • Seven adjustable toast shade settings
  • Advanced toast technology
  • Item weight –4 pounds

5. HOLIFE 2 Slice Toaster Stainless

If you are always in a hurry with no time to make breakfast, then HOLIFE 2 Slice Toaster Stainless can satisfy your morning cravings. It toasts bread, bagel, etc. very fast, thus saving time. With accurate settings displayed on an LCD screen, using this toaster is always at a breeze. Just set the timer, press it on, and see the progress. This toaster features variable shade settings allowing the users to choose from deep dark to lightly golden toasted slices from one to six gear toasting gears.

The toasting device from HOLIFE has taken safety measures with the seriousness it deserves. Its intelligent safety protection mechanism not only provides for an anti-overheat protection but also watches out for anti-leak issues. Cleaning is just as easy as you wanted as the bread crumbs are collected down in a removable tray –so it is a matter of pulling the tray and cleaning it.


  • Weight -1191g
  • Rated voltage -120V
  • Heating power -900W
  • Toasting gears -6
  • Capacity -2 slices

6. BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Breakfast just got easier thanks to one of the best toasters in the market –the BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster. With seven times shade settings as well as special functions for frozen items and bagels, you will now need a few minutes to prepare your breakfast. This device features extra-wide toasting slots designed to accommodate thick cuts of bread and bagels. It also includes an extra lift lever for safely removing the baked food.


  • Fitted with a drop-down crumb tray
  • Shape –oval
  • Casing –stainless steel material
  • Item weight -2.55 pounds

7. Chitomax 2 Slice Toaster

If you want to quickly prepare delicious breakfast, then let Chitomax 2 Slice Toaster be your next-generation kitchen appliance. With six browning levels and evenly toasting, this toaster gives users golden, dark, and light shades of toast while the heating wires on both sides of the toaster’s slot ensures pieces of bread toast evenly.

The extra-wide slots of this device accommodate all types of bread. With a high-lift boost, the toaster makes it safer and easier to reach and remove small slices from the unit. The reheat, defrost, and cancel button displayed with LED indicators fitted on the toaster fits everyone’s toasting needs. The removable crumb tray on the toaster’s bottom makes it easier to clean the device.


  • Casing material –stainless steel
  • Rated voltage -120V
  • Rated power -850W/60Hz
  • Capacity –two slices
  • FDA approved
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

8. Sunbeam Black 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

Make your delicious breakfast just the way you want with the Sunbeam Black 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster. Featuring electronic toasting technology, this black sleek appliance delivers even, consistent results. It has extra-wide slots allowing users to toast sliced bread, bagels, or any other size and types of bread.

Equipped with turn knobs, this toasting unit offers seven toast shade options from dark to light. With separate toast controls and pre-programmed bagel settings, this kitchen device simultaneous allows toasting at different settings. It also fitted with an anti-jam function that shuts off the toaster in case of any jam, delivering safe and hassle-free operation.


  • Has an inbuilt toast-lift lever
  • Capacity –4 slices
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Item weight -4.8 pounds

9. KEEMO Toaster 2 Slice

Making delicious crispy breakfast has since become easier, efficient, and faster with the KEEMO Toaster 2 slice. The compact, elegant, and simplistic design of this toaster makes it one of the most popular brands in the market.With a sleek blue appearance, this appliance features simple controls with browning settings ranging from one (light) to six (dark) and three options for defrosting, cancel, and bagel.

Whether you are toasting bread or bagel, this reliable toaster gives you an even result every other time. Since it is installed with a removable crumb tray, cleaning it is a matter of seconds.


  • Power rating -825W
  • Rated voltage -120V
  • Toasting gears -6
  • Capacity -2 slice
  • Item weight -3.8 pounds

10. HoLife 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

HoLife 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster is the kitchen appliance designed to let your morning break baking get efficient. The stainless steel cased toaster delivers modern premium performance toasting bagels and bread fast & evenly. With two extra wide and long slots, this toaster can accommodate up to four slices of bread of all shapes, giving users a perfect toasting experience.

With a built-in warming rack, this device keeps the toasted bread warm for an extended time. Featuring three smart functions and six shade selections, the most-sought-after toaster meets all your daily toasting needs. Cleaning it is matters of seconds thanks to its removable cord wrap and crumb tray.


  • FDA approved
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Power rating -1500W
  • Rated voltage -120V-204V
  • Item weight -1950g
  • Toasting gears -6
  • Color –silver
  • Capacity -4 slices


The list of the best toaster to consider in 2020 is just endless, and those that have made to our list are impeccably offering unprecedented performance. If you want to change the way in which you prepare breakfast, then you just need to consider any of the above appliances. We have tried and tested each brand in our list, and so we have no doubt about their high performance.

Listed of The 10 Best Toasters 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide.

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