10 Best Gutter Guards 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are gutter guards good? Will they increase the value of my home? How much does an efficient gutter guard cost? Several questions will cross your mind from the moment you come to think about a gutter guard to the time you commit to acquiring one. A gutter guard fits on or in an eaves trough thus preventing small and large leaves, seed pods, buds, bird nests, water, flower petals, and other debris from clogging it. A clogged gutter will not adequately perform its designed role, and as such, it is necessary to keep it safe from clogging.

Moreover, if the channel is clogged, it may develop a wet mash of dirt and decaying leaves that is ideal for the sprouting of gutter trees. In the most disastrous case, the clogged gutter may fill with ice or water thus becoming quite heavy thereby tearing away from the house. Gutter guards reduce the time homeowners take to clean the eaves troughs thus saving them effort, time and money.

List of The 10 Best Gutter/Leaf Guards 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide.

That said, some people came ahead of you and have used one or more brands of gutter guards. Don’t you think their stories could offer some insight to you so that you make a guided pick? Well, we felt it so. That is why we take the earliest lead to supply you with the consumer review of 10 best gutter guards available on the market today. If you read till the end, we promise to keep you in touch with other users’ opinions on these products. The following below are the best leaf/gutter guards based on reviews and consumer report.

1. GutterStuff GSEs-K58Box K Style Foam Gutter Filter

Most users recommend this gutter to those whose roofs are mostly long slopes down the channel but with hardly any valleys. It also drains away sheet flow that goes into the channels as a result of torrential downpours. Even though leaves and other debris do collect on it, it doesn’t get to the point of clogging, and they eventually blow off when dry.

On the flip side, a problem tends to occur during heavy rains. It can cause isolation overflow problems in the event you have downspouts or valleys coming down from upper levels. If there is downspout or valley from the high area concentrating runoff in one spot, debris may cause water to flow over the top.

2. FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System, Residential 5″ Gutter Guards, 102ft

The product is available in white, thermal thaw black and matte aluminum. Most users admit it is capable of blocking all sorts of debris. It offers clog-free high volume water flow. It is considerably easy to install and generally comes with stainless steel installation fasteners.

Unlike other products that tend to slide over shingles, FlexxPoint gutter guards do not void roof warranties. It has a unique 3-point design that helps in the prevention of potential foundation damage and water overflow. These gutter guards never clog, and 3-point design allows them to elevate wet leaves thus enabling air flow. Users of this product admit that it mounts permanently to their gutter system’s front flip. It is a permanent addition to the gutter, and it never has to be removed.

A few consumers are of the view that this gutter guard has limited functionality. According to one customer, although it keeps the debris and leaves out of the gutter, this guard also retains a percentage of runoff out of the channel. During heavy downpours, a bit of the rainwater runs over the gutter and eventually drip off the edge which is a bit irritating.

3. E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Quick-10 Gutter Guard, Silver

If you have been looking for a gutter guard that will neither rust nor rot, this may as well be your best pick. This heavy-duty expanded aluminum product perfectly fits a 5-inch residential k-style gutter. Users argue that its tight mesh which keeps all sorts of debris out while allowing rainwater to pass through with ease. Reportedly, no screws are involved in its installation thus making the entire set-up process very simple. This guard sits up in the gutter and is easily removable.

One client notes that during winter, one of his gutter guards caused a lot of ice damming. In such instances, such guards come with an added expense of installing heat tape to help with keeping the guard warm.

4. Gutter Guard 3 Inch Expand Aluminum Filter Strainer

If you are genuinely sick and tired of unclogging your gutter and downspouts, you are going to love this gutter guard. Most users report that this heavy-duty guard lets them protect their downpipes and gutters from dirt, leaf debris, twigs, and roof moss. They are super easy to install, and you can have your system up and running just within a few seconds. You surely need no professional to set it up. The brand boasts of, and the consumers confirm that this product is made of non-corrosive weatherproof aluminum which makes them pass the test of time.

On the flip side, a few consumers of this product believe that a few adjustments could be made to elevate the functionality of this product. A client notes that despite keeping things out of the downspout, the gutters were clogged barely within a week of the installation of the guards. Another also argues that his four pack barely contained three guards, making it a great disappointment.

5. The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard

This is a product from a trusted brand in the USA. Having been on the market for well over 20 years, homeowners find it very easy to settle for. Reports from users confirm that this gutter guard is super easy to install and no tools are required for its set-up. The package comes inclusive of connectors for connecting wedges together for downspouts that are generally located away from the home corners.

A user argues that even though it serves its intended purpose, it often gets stopped up too quickly thereby turning the gutter to a mosquito swamp.

6. Raptor Gutter Guard | Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Contractor-Grade, DIY Gutter Cover

If you are ever worried if you could get a gutter guard that will fit any gutter or roof with ease, you might find rest upon grasping this one. It is generally easy to install and effectively works on any standards. The brand also gives a 25-year warranty which most users find superb as they never get worried about the question of time. The product also comes with magnetic hex head drivers and corrosion-resistant screws. Reports also indicate that it is made from heavy-duty materials which in addition to standing all conditions will neither rust nor warp.

A dissatisfied client, however, argues that despite keeping gutters from clogging with debris, these guards fail to direct all the water to the channel thus causing a lot of dripping over the gutter edges.

7. Amerimax Home Products 636025 Lock-in Gutter Guard Black

This guard features a tight expandable metal mesh that keeps out most debris thus keeping your gutter flowing freely. It is made from durable powder-coated steel that offers much protection over a long span of life. Reportedly, this gutter guard has an easy lock-in installation, and as such, you only need to slide under the very first shingles row, and you will have the guard locked to the gutter’s front lip.

One user argues that this guard has nothing to stop the water. Too much of the water goes and soothes over the gutter thus making the guard less effective.

8. Raptor Gutter Guard | Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Contractor-Grade, DIY Gutter Cover

The selling point of this guard is that it is straightforward to install and ideally comes with magnetic hex head drivers, self-tapping, and corrosion-resistant screws. Users also enjoy the world-class services offered by the support team. Given the heavy-duty materials it is made from, the guard never rusts or warps, and is capable of withstanding all weather elements.

A counter-argument from a client indicates that this guard does not keep the gutter from clogging with debris and that a lot of dripping over occur as a result of the guard failing to direct all the water into the gutter.

9. A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5″ (100′, Mill Finish)

If you have hidden hangers and want a gutter guard that will work best for you, A-Z Aluminum Gutter Guard might be your best choice. It is reported that this guard is super easy to install and generally works very well with all sorts of hangars. It comes with a lifetime warranty cover.
A disappointed buyer claims that at the point of purchase, the product came with pre-drilled holes which were mostly covered with crimped lip bending under the holes.

10. Amerimax Gutter Guard (85470)

This product features a smooth surface that sheds debris. Its users admit that it easily installs under the shingle. It has outstanding durability and also enjoys the preference of many users.

A user, however, argues that for any buyer looking for a maintenance-free gutter solution, this might not be the best solution. They tend to wind up on the roof many times a year.

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