10 Best Eyelash Growth Serum 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Beauty is partly dependant on what a lady holds vital to her makeup and partly on what other people perceive of her. All the same, even the outspoken beauty pageants will agree with me that eyelashes form part and parcel of what defines the beauty of every lady. Eyelashes need to be maintained and even those who love eyelashes that are as long as hell will agree to the fact that such long eyelashes are not got on a silver platter. Sad as your eyelashes may look primarily upon the fall out of eyelash extensions, serums can always nurse them and get them back and healthy in less than a month.

3 Best Seller Eyelash Growth Serum on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1
Grande Cosmetics Lash Enhancing Serum,2 mL
Grande Cosmetics Lash Enhancing Serum,2 mL
This item is not a Tester; Packaging may vary; Beauty and personal care product; Clinically tested^Vitamins, peptides, and amino acids^Conditions lashes and brow
Bestseller No. 3

The question of whether eyelashes work or not is rooted in the formula used. The answer could, therefore, go either way. Of more significant concern is the fact that these eyelash growth serums are used close to the eye itself which is, in essence, a susceptible part of the body. You do not want to risk losing your sight in a weak attempt to enrich the growth of your eyelashes, do you? You want to be sure you are using the right substance that will not only facilitate the growth of your lashes but also protect your sight. In this article, we take you through an honest report of consumer reviews on the best eyelash growth serums on the market.

10 Best Eyelash Growth Serum 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide.

1. Proenza Hairgenics Lavish Lash Eyelash Growth & Brow Serum

This is a revolutionary botanical growth serum known to boost the thickness and length of eyebrows and eyelashes. Those who have used it admit developing fuller, longer, and thicker eyebrows and lashes. It is also lauded for imparting luster and sheen to brows and lashes, making them appear lush and beautiful.

It saves you the worries of having to tolerate the false lashes you would get by using other chemicals. It is scientifically proven, and as such, you need not worry about any unforeseen effect on your eyeballs.

2. Rapidlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

This is a great product that gives you the desired results just after a short duration of use. It is ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested and proven to be safe for use. You are not going to regret it even later on when you stop using it.

3. GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Over 2,000 reviewers were never wrong to assert that this is indeed a product worth using as an eyelash growth serum. It is created with amino acids, peptides, and vitamins which collectively enable it to promote the growth of longer and thicker lashes in less than six weeks. It is the most recent winner of Cosmo Beauty and Anti-aging Awards. You only need to use it once daily before going to bed.

4. Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

This product commands a whopping 4.3 star-rating on Amazon alone, meaning it is growth serum that most people are confident about. Among other admirable features, people love this product because it is Paraben-free, fragrance-free, safe for contact lens wearers, and is dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Most users testify that subject to using it, and they achieve their desired results within a few weeks.

5. RevitaLash Cosmetics, Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

This is a highly-selling award-winning eyelash growth serum that has, over time, been embraced by a good number of consumers. In addition to enhancing the eyelashes, this formula also offers protection against breakage while at the same time, improving the shine and flexibility for more dramatic lashes. Over 95% of consumers have reportedly enjoyed improved lash appearance.

6. Natural Eyelash Growth and Brow Serum

People who crave for thicker and longer eyelashes have never been disappointed by this product. This brow serum and eyelash growth enhancer reportedly gives extra volume to your eyelashes and equally makes them grow faster. It lets you say goodbye to any false lashes. You will also find it safe and gentle to your skin. Scientifically, it is proven to be natural, and as such, it lets you experience a drastic increase in the thickness and length of your eyelashes for the perfect lash boost.

7. Organys Lash & Brow Booster Serum

If you have over-plucked, thin, sparse, or short eyelashes, you are probably wondering if you could get a correct-it-all eyelash growth serum for your use. Here you have just landed the right product. This product is capable of restoring eyelashes that have, for a long time, been affected by medical treatments, stress, or hormones.

Even those whose lashes have been damaged by harsh eyelash extension glue should be able to find refuge in this great product. It has natural ingredients that let you achieve thicker looking brows and longer looking lashes.

8. Silence Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow

This product, when applied on the roots of the eyelashes, nourishes and moistens them to the utmost. The vitamin E, which is its vital component, is capable of rebuilding hair cells to form tissues, thereby pacing up the speed at which your eyelashes grow. It inhibits pure natural ingredients as it is extracted from natural herbs. Its 100% natural and mild ingredients are safe for most skin types since they produce no harmful chemicals. It gives perfect results in eight weeks.

9. Eyelash Growth Serum & Eyebrow Enhancer

This eyelash enhancer serum is made of safe, natural ingredients that can deeply penetrate the hair follicles hence promoting the hair growth that eventually results in noticeably voluminous, lush, and long eyebrows and lashes. In addition to magnifying the eyelashes, this product also nourishes the thinning and weak hair back to health. It also effectively restores the over-plucked and sparse brows and lashes.

10. GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

This is a multi Award-winning eyelash growth serum that is lauded for promoting thicker and fuller-looking brows and lashes in less than eight weeks. It has a perfect blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins which enable it to condition brow and lash hair for a healthier, restored look. As you apply it along your eyebrows, be sure to concentrate on the sparse, thinning regions.

Listed of The 10 Best Eyelash Growth Serum 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide.

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