Best Exercise Glove 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are going to lift weights in the gym, you need high-quality exercise gloves to protect your palm and ensure safety from various aspects. You will get a better grip on the objects that you are lifting, and there is the least chance of slipping. Besides, they absorb the sweat out of your palm and provide additional wrist support to prevent injuries. The following list contains the top 10 best exercising gloves to choose from.undefined

5 Best Exercise Gloves Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. Trideer Padded Lifting Gloves

Made with silica gel, this palm guard will give better grip while performing any exercise or martial arts. The adjustable dual strap will give ultimate protection to the wrist and prevents to get injured. Moreover, the weight lifting exercises should not be done without these palm grips for safety reasons.

This product contains very good quality microfiber which is also very light I weight. Furthermore, the mesh at the back side can keep your palms dry while working out. The pull off is also very easy, and so it can be considered as very easy to use and comfortable gloves for your hands.

What we liked:

  • Have a nice grip for the hand.
  • The adjustable dual strap will give protection.
  • Can keep your palms dry by the mesh at the back.

2. Glofit Workout Gloves by KANSOON

This exercise glove comes with heavy construction and protective design. In this, you will find efficient cushioning for better comfort. Moreover, this comes with an anti-slipping point that saves you from slipping while performing the exercise. It is made of high-grade materials for added durability. It has an efficient design that protects from training abrasion.

The hook and loop closing system allow you to have a better and comfortable fit. Furthermore, this is suitable for both men and women. This never compromises when it comes to performance and comes with great quality. It is available at an affordable rate and is very attractive in look.

What we liked:

  • Cushioning effect is good for comfort.
  • Anti-slipping point will reduce the slipping tendency.
  • Suitable for both men and women.

3. Ventilated Gym Workout Gloves by ihuan

Providing you with high protective design, this exercise glove delivers better performance and is made of great quality materials. Moreover, in this, you will find wrist protection design that saves you wrists from certain types of sprains. It protects your palm from rashes and scratches. This allows you to have a comfortable workout.

It comes with open hand design that allows maintaining sweat free hands and is also from slipping. It is made of excellent materials for added durability. Furthermore, this lets you have an efficient exercise experience. It is extremely light in weight and comes with heavy construction and is very attractive in look.

What we liked:

  • Wrists will be protected from sprains.
  • High-quality material makes it durable.
  • Lightweight will make you feel easy to exercise.

4. RIMSports Gym Gloves

Made of high-grade materials, this exercise glove allows you to have safe and protective exercise. It comes with creative design that let you maintain sweat free palm. Moreover, in this, you will find efficient cushioning that allows you to have perfect and comfortable exercise. It is ideal for both male and female.

This comes with creative design and efficient wrist support that saves your wrist from spraining. It is suitable to use in a variety of activities such as weight lifting and is also suitable to use at the gym. Furthermore, this protects your palm from a variety of rashes.

What we liked:

  • Keeps your palms sweat free all day.
  • Cushioning effect will make you comfortable.
  • The wrist support system will save you from sprains.

5. Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves by Fit Active Sports

Made with neoprene, this nice quality workout gloves can protect the fingers and palm properly. The water-resistant feature can make these gloves convenient to use in any weather condition. Moreover, the extra sturdy grip will cling to the palm at any condition and will prevent all kinds of skin torn on the hands.

The Velcro system in the straps is very comfortable to adjust for any type of use and according to the convenience. The open hand design will keep the hands dry, and any kind of accidents can be avoided for the sweaty hands’ problem very effectively.

What we liked:

  • The strap is easily adjustable for Velcro system.
  • Sweaty hand problem will be gone.
  • Has a water-resistant feature in it.


Wearing gloves while exercising is not a fashion statement. It is going to help you in better exercising and preventing injuries to your wrists. Therefore, you should not comprise in buying a quality pair of exercising gloves. There are different types of exercising gloves available for various types of exercisers. A weightlifter will need a different type of exercising gloves than a regular gym goer. Similarly, a mixed martial arts learner needs a specific type of gloves. Hence, go through the above products and understand their effectiveness and buy accordingly.


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