Best Diaper Changing Table 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Changing a diaper can be a nightmare for a mother and more so for a father. However, there is a need for changing diapers regularly for hygiene and proper skin care. For easing out the process and make it less hectic, there are diaper changing tables available. It will make the process of changing the diaper less stinky. Everything you need to change the diaper will be readily available. The following is the list of the top 5 best diaper changing tables to choose from.

5 Best Diaper Changing Tables Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. Delta Infant Changing Table

This wooden diaper changing table is the best choice for the people who want a convenient place to change the diaper of their baby. The table is totally water resistant and has pads on it to give comfort to the baby. Moreover, there is also a strap that is present for safety.

The table has two storage spaces to keep the essentials for the baby and the rails given for safety are there to protect the baby. Furthermore, the finishing is made of lead with the non-toxic element so that no infection can happen to the baby itself by the material of the table.

What we liked:

  • Padding can give comfort to the baby.
  • Water resistant material is used to make it.
  • Storage space is there to carry the essentials.

2. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

This Diaper Changing table is the efficient functioning product that is made of great quality materials for added durability. This allows parents to change baby clothes with easy by keeping their baby happy. Moreover, in this, you will find a safety rail that prevents your baby from falling and different types of accidents.

In this, you will find two shelves below this which allows you to keep your baby belongings with ease that require less skill in changing. This never compromises when it comes to performance. It is available with a traditional design that suits into a variety of rooms and decors.

What we liked:

  • Nice quality material makes it durable.
  • Safety rail can prevent accidents.
  • Extra two shelves can be used to keep things.

3. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Providing you with a modern touch, this Diaper Changing table performs heavily and comes with great design. In, this you will have safety rails that protect your baby from rolling out and various types of accidents. It comes with an eye-catching look that makes it attractive among a large number of users. Moreover, this has two shelves below it that allows you to store other belongings

This comes easily changing pads that are soft and allows you to cheer up your baby’s mood all the time. Furthermore, this is made of high-grade materials that make it long lasting and is easy to install within less time.

What we liked:

  • Modern design looks good in the room.
  • Padding makes the baby comfortable on that.
  • High-grade materials make it long-lasting.

4. Graco Changing Table by Storkcraft

This Diaper changing Table is one of the best items within its product range and delivers better performance. In this, you will find a waterproof changing pad and comes with an attractive design. This comes with a deep surface for better comfort and convenience. Moreover, this comes with safety and protective strap for your children security.

It is made of high-quality materials that make it long lasting. Furthermore, it is suitable for changing the diaper or cloths of your children and provides extra security. This also provides your shelves with a better surface for extra storage. This is one in all solution for baby’s bedroom.

What we liked:

  • Waterproof design makes it durable.
  • The protective strap can save your child from falling.
  • The deep surface is very convenient.

5. Costzon Baby Changing Table

This non-toxic wooden table is really very helpful for the new parents who are not yet very familiar with the diaper changing process on their own. The design is very elegant of this product and also the color is soothing to the eye. Moreover, the height can help the people who change the diaper by bending again and again and hurt their waist.

Furthermore, this table has awesome storage space t keep some necessary things for the baby and gives this product a compact look. The padded portion can give the baby comfort while the parents will change the diaper on it.

What we liked:

  • Non-toxic wood makes it safe.
  • Height is appropriate to reduce the bending problem.
  • Storage space is sufficient for your baby’s things.


While buying a diaper changing table, you should check the height so that it is comfortable for you and your infant. Secondly, it is useless to buy a diaper changing table if it is not versatile and cannot be used for different purposes. Besides, the mobility should be easy and so should be the cleaning. Apart from that, the safety feature is important, and we have considered all these factors while listing them.


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